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Goliath suction feed correction/ priming pump and auto pump out help

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  • Goliath suction feed correction/ priming pump and auto pump out help

    Question: Hey Donald. I bought a Goliath off of you guys a little over a year ago and I have a couple questions about it.
    First, usually I hook the Goliath up to a faucet, but yesterday for the first time, I tried using it as a suction feed. I put the hose into a bucket of water and a few seconds later, the pressure dropped all the way down and no water was being sucked out of the bucket. Is there something I need to do to use it as a suction feed?
    Second, a couple of times now the waste pump seemed to freeze. I would turn the switch on and I could hear it start up, but nothing would happen. I messed with the floater inside lifting it up and down about 10 times and then it started working again. Is this common? Is there something I can do to keep it from happening again?
    Third: Can you send me a manual for the Goliath? I didn't receive one when I bought the machine and I’d like to have one in case it does break down. I’d like to have a better idea of what I”m looking at.
    Thanks for your time

    Answer: The owners manual is on the website at
    When converting from pressure feed to suction feed you have to suck the air out of the hose with a blank male QD installed on the end of the solution hose.
    The same way you would suction prime any 500 psi portable.
    It is real important to have an extra blank male QD to snap into the end of your solution hose in order to pull a vacuum on the inside of your solution hose.
    You never have to worry about priming a pump when you pressure feed it because the building pressure pushes all the air out of the system. This is not the case on suction feed system. When you lay the pick up hose in the bucket their will be air in the hose and when you turn on the pump, you are going to suck the air right into the machines plumbing.
    Auto pump out: So far we have not had a single customer break the auto pump out except for customers that forgot to use their lint filtration system like the AC10
    It is NOT OK to let all the hair and fibers get wrapped around the impeller on the pump out pump.
    I am sure that some day some will need to order a pump or a float switch.
    These items are located on the website at
    You need to see if you can figure out of it is just a dirty pump impeller, or you need a new switch or pump.