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Running 12V DC Pumps in Serial or Parralel

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  • Running 12V DC Pumps in Serial or Parralel

    Hi Guys,

    My name is Dennis from Sydney, Australia.

    Just wanted some help in regards of setting up a pesticide sprayer.

    Most vendors here say that a single 12V DC Spray setup is only good for 40 to 50 Meters in hose length. (165 FT)

    If i wanted to go further i would need to go with a Petrol pump. I need at least 100 Meters (328 FT)

    My question is:

    Is it possible to run a setup with 2 x Pumps in Serial.

    i.e PUMP1 (45PSI/60PSI) feeds into PUMP2 (60PSI)

    I've read that this increases pressure but not volume.

    Would this work?


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    Adding more 'use pressure' on low psi spray rig

    Yes it will work. The maximum in bound pressure is 60psi and this means it is OK to series run the pumps. By pressure feeding second pump you will find that you will experience more 'use pressure.' Normally a pump will struggle to keep up so the pressure will drop off a bit but pressure feeding the pump will resolve this issue and allow you to travel the longer hose runs.

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      Thanks for the response.

      I will look into this further.

      Is there anyway to calculate how far a serial setup will pump?


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        pressure drop off

        Note that I know but pressure is exerted in all direction equally. In other words the end of the hose will end up with the same pressure when you are not squeezing the lance. Pressure drop off during use only happens based on the friction on the lining of the hose and the size of the nozzle. I feel confident that it will work but I personally have not tried it.
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