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Increasing my 100 psi pump to more pressure

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  • Increasing my 100 psi pump to more pressure

    Question: Hi,I have seen your pump videos on YouTube and I was wondering what types of 500 PS I pumps you have for part able extractors. I currently have a single cord unit with a 100 PS I so I would need one that would not acceed the amprage limit'pleas let me know what you have and what you would recommend,than you Andrew

    Answer: The lowest amp draw unit is the same set up that is used in the Goliath Carpet Cleaning machinies. This also happens to be the smallest.
    These draw 3.5 amps and though the pump will perform at 500 psi, we recommend you run at 450 psi to ensure extra long pump life.
    At today's prices you have $641 in the project. Please note for a little more you can just consider a pump that you mount at the sink and will have the ability to perform tile cleaning too. Visit
    As a third option, you can also drop in a 220 psi Aquatec pump and pressure feed it. This will usually clean at 250 psi and these two kits cost a lot less.
    Adding 75 psi building pressure to the Aquatec pressure works very well.