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Using a Cloths Dryer on 120 volt outlets

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  • Using a Cloths Dryer on 120 volt outlets

    Question: Hello. I have a electric cloths dryer I got a year ago and was never able to use. I got electric because we don't have gas. Not knowing you need a special 10-30R outlet for a electric dryer. We only have standard 120 volt outlets. Can I use your Power Inverter (Reverse Converter) to run my electric dryer?

    Answer: Both yes and no. The reason for might is the cloths dryer is plugged into 30 amp breaker and the inverter can only handle 20 amps. It is not uncommon for 20 amp 240 volt appliances are only using 20 amps or less but the outlet is still rated for 30. I looked around a bit on the internet where someone posted they actually uses 25 amps on high and if this is the case, you could only use the inverter with the dryer on a low heat setting.
    You will know when the heat is turned up to high as it will trip the breaker on the converter box.
    220 Volt to 110 Volt Converter Single gang, 220X1, , by Shazaam, Note User assumes all responsibility on use.  It is the users responsibility to check the inbound voltage, outbound voltage, and total amp draw to verify these are not going to be ov...
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    You must have to use your electric dryer.. It is worthy to use trust me