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  • re prochem blazer plus

    i have a truck mount prochem blazer plus,the issues i have with the unit is that the pressure reducer valve on the front doesn't increase or reduce the pressure,the pressure gauge just stays at about 300 psi and doesnt move, it used to work but not anymore, i have removed the valve assembly taking out the the valve insert and replacing the spring replacing the o ring a re lubing the insert ,reassembling the unit,it still doesnt work, the othe rthing that happens is the header tank lid will blow off, it doesnt seem to seal and leaks water through the back of my van, the wand still works but the trigger may need repairing
    cheers shane

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    truckmout loss of pressure and vacuum

    Two items to look to help seal the tank.
    One replace the gasket material
    and the second is to possible add a pair tie down straps.

    As far as your loss in pressure, you might have a leak. Remove with waste tank lid, start the machine and make sure you do not have a lot of water spraying into the waste tank.
    Your solenoid valve might be stuck open.