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Water pump vibration

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  • Water pump vibration

    Question: To start with the boiler on the slayer will not fire. Now that could be caused by a multitude of things so let me work on that tomorrow and try and narrow it down a bit.
    What I really need advice on is the pump. That also developed a problem today.
    The pump still only has about 350hrs on it. But there has been a vibration that seems to be getting steadily worse. Today it suddenly became very bad. You can actually see the water pulsing as it comes out of the tool head and the needle on the pressure gauge is vibrating back and forth. The pump manual talks about a ‘faulty vibration damper’ but I’m not sure if there is one fitted to this machine. I’ve checked the obvious. There is no water in the pump crankcase and there is plenty of oil. So what could it be?
    Thanks so much for your help. I’ve checked the forums but can’t find anything on pump vibration.

    Answer: Pump vibration is caused by one of the valves being stuck open.
    I do not remember what pump you have. I think an Arimitsu 516
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    Please note the only reason you would have vibration is a valve is broken or stuck open.
    The above link shows how to repair the pump.
    The ONLY thing that will break these stainless steel valves is low or no water pressure.
    Example you adjust your watts regulator at a high pressure job site so you can suck rinse aid, then you go to a low pressure job site and now your pump is being over starved for water.
    Please remove the pump caps / head and look into the each pump cylinder.
    This in-turn might be causing the flow rate to be too low and not making the flow switch on the burner light.
    The #1 reason for a burner not to light is the fuel filter is dirty.
    The second most common is the flow switch is dirty.

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