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Tile cleaning machine pump problems

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  • Tile cleaning machine pump problems

    Question: I had purchased a 1200 psi Clean Storm approx. 1 Year ago. In that year I have used the machine less than a dozen times. In those dozen times at least 3 times the water pump has stopped pumping and I have not been able to complete the job using my machine. The next time I test out the machine it works again. Can you tell me what might be the issue?

    Answer: The only time a pump will quit working like this is when you suck air into the pump. Usually by letting the machine run out of water because you are not using the auto fill feature. Getting the air back out of the pump is easy but inserting a blank brass male QD on the face of the extractor and vacuuming the air out while you have the pump on. See video at

    12-5000 tile cleaning machine