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Building a hair removal shop vac, but motor for the job?

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  • Building a hair removal shop vac, but motor for the job?

    Question: I can see all the vacuum motors you sell on your website.
    Your store was highly recommended to me from some people at So I was wondering if you can tell me what which vacuum motor you would recommend me buying from you that could accommodate a 25’ to 35’ hose run. Bolt patterns don’t matter to me as it’s for a project I am building. I know a little about CFMs and lift, but don’t really know which vacuum motor that would suite my needs. I really wanted to use a 24 volt motor, but they don’t seem to have the same power as AC.
    Thanks for your time.

    Answer: I think having a motor run on about 12 amps at 120 volt would be best for keeping your wall outlet cool while providing good power.
    Open flow this is 14.8 amps and sealed is 10 amps. The average amp draw is 12.4 amps and would run 35 ft of hose.

    This above motor is not flat on the bottom rather is cone shaped. This allow for the 23,000 rpm blade on the bottom to scoop up more air and squeeze it up and through the rest of the vacuum blade body. This vacuum motor because it is cone shaped require a special silicone gasket.

    Also you might want us to add a lint and hair screen to the bottom of your vacuum motors. Visit

    All three items add up today to $168.93 + shipping.

    This is the same vacuum motors installed inside the Mytee 7303 vacuum system.

    The Mytee 7303 has a nice pull out filtration basket and also comes with some nylon hose pre-filter liner for finer hair pick up.

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