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Upgrading my Pex 500 heater.

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  • Upgrading my Pex 500 heater.

    question: Hi
    the heater in my Pex 500 has a thermo which cuts out at 180 degs F. could i use one that cuts out at 200 degs F. Also if it cuts out at 180 degs how can it produce a 212 degs output ?
    Regards Alan
    PS, motors you sent me are running great.

    Answer: You would only notice that level of temperature increase if you where upholstery cleaning as a 1800 watt heater will usually only provide a 25 degree rise up and above what you placed in the fresh water tank for carpet cleaning. In other words, if I place 110 degree water in the fresh water tank > let the heater pre-heat the 32 oz of water in the heater > you only get a burst of hot water for the first 32 ounces. After that it is only going to provide the 25 degree rise + 110 degree water you started. About 135 degrees. Since the wattage remains the same, the temperature rise remains the same based on flow. I would only consider a higher temp thermostat if the original is broken. To change it while it is still working would be a waste of money.
    Please note that US Products changes exact specs on many of their models. Example they will quote that they include a 2000 watt heater yet if you us an amp meter and multiply the volts = watts. When we do this, our meter shows they must be using a 1800 watt heater yet the brochures state 2000 watts. I believe my meter and not the brochure. They also will state 212 degrees at the tip, but I know at the tip of the wand, that is not the case, but it might be possible at the tip or end of the heater...(under the hood) This is no difference than many carpet cleaning brochures state, "heat the water to 200 degrees in two minutes!" This can be translated to "once you quit cleaning (set the wand down) the 32 ounces of water in the heater will reach 200 degrees and it will turn off. Once you pick up the wand and start cleaning again, the heater will turn back on again and attempt to offer the normal 25 degree rise as the water is passing through the heater." The customer read, wow, 200 degree while after two minutes of cleaning...NOT... It is all just a play on words. Example, what if I take an upholstery wand and snap it into the face of the extractor and turn on the pump and heater. I might get 200 degrees at the tip. Also many brochures state "up to." Their is no guarantee of anything...

    US Products Pex500

    Heater thermostats

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    Can I add already hot water to my heated portable?

    Comment: Thank you for you quick response to my email and for your honest opinion on the heater.
    The dealer here freaked out when i told him i connect up to the hot water laundry tap, way too hot he says ( 70 degs F ) i take it he has not much knowledge on the products. Have a great day Donald.
    Regards Alan

    Notes: It is preferred that you always fill your heated portable carpet cleaning machine with hot water.
    Please note the seals in your pumptec Pump are designed for hot water up to 140 degrees F.
    This is hotter than most hot tap water that is more like 120 degrees F
    You can also add about 10 degree to your cleaning temperature by converting your machine from suction feeding to pressure feed pump.
    This way the water does not sit inside the fresh water tank and cool down.

    Please note it is NOT Ok to place a bucket heater inside a fresh water tank of a carpet cleaning machine as this will break the bucket heater and ruin the water pump all in the same action!