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Help with Sapphire Scientific Hoss 700 valve warranty

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  • Help with Sapphire Scientific Hoss 700 valve warranty

    We recently purchased a Goliath carpet cleaning machine along with the HOSS 700 Rotary Tool from you. Today, the brass “cap” on the angle valve assembly on the HOSS 700 cracked in two and half of it is stuck inside the assembly.
    I’ve been informed that this product in under factory warranty (parts only) for the first year. I’d like instructions on how to proceed with getting a replacement angle valve assembly (Part# 69-334) shipped out to us immediately. This is time sensitive, as we have numerous projects we would like to get completed in the next couple of weeks.

    Sorry to here about your needs.
    Please note this equipment is NOT freeze/ thaw stable and to allow this unit to freeze is the only way this happens.
    Freeze damage is not something factories would cover under warranty.
    If you want to try to get the factory to cover under warranty, please provide detail photos of this event but my gut feeling is you would be wasting your time.
    Part 69-334 is a complete assembly and the factory is only going to provide the exact part you need and not the entire group of parts.
    Example, the angle valve is Sapphire Scientific part 27-013
    When a valve is not turning off and spraying full time, it just needs a repair kit.
    New valves come with a manufactures 90 day warranty against defects and not that they wear out.
    Valve repair kits are an unwarrantable part as they too wear out. I suggest you purchase a few to keep on hand.
    The best course of action would be for you to purchase a new valve and back up valve repair kit and store your equipment in a location that will not freeze. Please note the Goliath is not freeze / thaw stable either!

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