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My Mytee 8400DX hand wand is broken, now what?

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  • My Mytee 8400DX hand wand is broken, now what?

    Question: I made this purchase of the Mytee 8400DX Web order #2014225 Converted to Steambrite invoice number #41570
    On the first job the water flow control valve stopped working and is just full blast now. I have to hook it up at my truckmount and adjust flow at the mount before I go in. HUGE time killer! lol.
    I know I should have contacted you sooner but we have been really busy and just use it as is because i sold my old tool when the new one got here ( Do not have another one.)
    Would it be a default warranty thing? Please let me know because if not then i am just going to sell this one as junk, cut my losses and get one from RotoVac. They have been very good to me.
    I just need the replacement valve and I can change it myself so I do not have to send it back as I need it on the truck every day.

    Answer: Sorry to hear you are having some issues with your hand tool!
    Please note the warranty is with the factory and not SteamBrite.
    It sounds like you need a new O ring on the needle valve.
    Historically your event is not normal as I have had lots of positive feedback on this wand and this is also the first time I have heard of this issue.
    Please note the factory does not cover freeze damage or shipping charges under warranty so if they want it shipped back to them, please blow out all the water with your air compressor before you ship it to them.
    I would suggest you email Mytee warranty dept with your invoice information and what test you have performed and see if you can just get them to ship you a new needle valve or rebuild kit for it.

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