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Help setting upgrading my portable to live steam cleaning

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  • Help setting upgrading my portable to live steam cleaning

    Question: Hi Donald,
    If I purchase a northern diesel 350,000 btu heater to use with carpet cleaning and pressure washing, what else will I need as far as adapters go? My current pressure washer is 3500 psi 3.5gpm and the carpet cleaner is a jaguar 8.4 ... Also how safe is it for mounting these into a van as far a fumes and such? (prefer not to die or cover everything in black soot)
    The Northern Tools 157495 heater

    Jaguar 8.4

    Answer: You will need to remove the tires and handle off the heater and use "U" bolts to bolt the heater frame to the floor unit next to a door. Even though the heater has wheels you will not be able to move a 400 pound heater.
    Make sure that you add a vent stack on a 90 degree angle or straight up through the roof to exhaust as much as you can out of the van. Example see video posted at
    The materials to make the vent stack are available at most hardware stores. Burn kerosene instead of diesel fuel. Get bids to purchase in 55 gallon drums and refill from your shop. Do not purchase 5 gallon cans from the hardware store. Kerosene burns way, way cleaner than diesel fuel.
    A short connection hose from the pressure washer to the heater is included with the heater but will not have a pressure washer coupler on it.
    Here is an example of a female
    You also might have to lengthen the hose if the provided hose is too short. We can custom make whatever hose length you need.
    The next item most cleaners need is a way to remove the rust out of the water and convert the pressure washer coupler to a carpet cleaning coupler. This is available at
    Since your heater and Jaguar 8.4 are more than likely all outside you might want to consider to start your collection of power converters and run off the electric clothes dryer connection. Visit
    The above configuration has a 20 amp receptacle for the Jaguar 8.4 cord that also runs the high pressure water pump. The other two gangs are 15 amps to run the other Jaguar 8.4 auto dump pump and then the heater.
    You will also have to see how low you can turn down your pressure washer. If you turn the unloader knob down all the way and cannot get the pressure down the below 500 psi, you will have to add a snap in secondary unloader that will turn down below 500 psi. We can make this for you but you will need to send in multiple photos to use of your pressure washer configuration. The secondary unloader will be on a quick couplers so you can easily remove and go back to use your pressure washer just like before and then quickly toggle back and forth between both high and low pressure.
    The last issue is testing as the heat will require a full 1 gpm flow to ignite. This might require you to enlarge your jet(s) on your cleaning tool(s), trickle open the rust bleeder above, or change out the flow switch with a low flow switch that we set at 1/2 gallon per minute.
    Factory flow switch
    Low flow switch
    The low flow switch will allow use with most standard upholstery cleaning tools.
    Donald Cook