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Factory Warranty Clarification on Janitorial, Pressure Washing, and Carpet Cleaning

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  • Factory Warranty Clarification on Janitorial, Pressure Washing, and Carpet Cleaning

    Question: Hi Donald,
    My Name is Rich, I own a Repair shop For Carpet, Restoration and janitorial equipment.
    I purchase some items from your Company.
    What i am running into is The parts not having warranty.
    I recently Purchased a Trigger gun and it sat on my shelf for 4 months I just had a customer come in and need one. I replaced it with the one i purchased from your store and the valve is faulty.
    I just got off the phone with a sales person he could not warranty it so i purchased one more to take care of my customer.
    Is there any kind of account i can set up to start warranties when i sell the product?
    Thank you for your time

    Answer, Sorry about the warranty issue.
    Please let me clarify some warranty policies.
    #1 Warranties for each item are carried with the factory of that item and not SteamBrite (unless we are the manufacture) This is hard from many customers to grasp as they say, "I purchased from SteamBrite and not the factory. How come you (Steambrite) cannot just take care of this issue for me?" Answer, the 2 - 5% commission we are paid by each factory does not allow for us covering equipment that might be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. To cover one warranty for free would negate the profit for the next 50 to 100 sales. Again this does not mean you do not have a warranty, rather your warranty is with the factory and with their terms.
    #2 Warranties do not cover shipping in either direction. Please note that some factories require shipping the item back to the dealer or factory direct for testing to see if the item is a warrantable issue.
    #3 Warranties do not cover abuse. Example low oil, no oil, freeze damage, drop damage, or wearing it out. So let me clarify the "wearing it out" statement. For example: say I have a Pumptec water pump with a one year warranty against factory defects. The pump will not build pressure any more and you have worked with our tech support team and found out the pump head needs a new seal kit. If the kit fixes the problem, it is not warranteed. Factory warranties do not cover wearing out the seals from use. Wear items and rebuild kits are never covered.
    #4 Warranty dates start at the date of purchase and not the date received or the date placed into service. All factories will require a copy of the invoice and will ignore comments about when placed in service. This can be irritating as sometimes on custom builds you might wait for an item to be built for 30 days and then another week in transit so your invoice date could be 5 weeks before receiving the item. The date is everything...

    Please note that each item that is either electric or gasoline powered, you can pay about 10% more to add 2 more years to the factory supplied warranty. You can pay about 20% more and add 4 more years to the factory warranty. The Cleaners Priority Service information is listed at
    Extended Warranties for Equipment Valued up to 7499.99 Available, SBMW, Extended Warranties, Miscellaneous, Extended warranties cover both parts and labor and add to the duration of the factory warranty.  Repairs take place in your local city or t...

    You will notice the extended protection is way more robust than the factory parts warranty as shipping, on site service, and labor are also included!

    In your case with a trigger assembly, most of these factories are only going to provide a 90 day warranty. If a trigger repair kit fixes the item, the customer just wore it out and it is not covered. If the kit does not fix the item, more than likely the body was stretched from freeze damage. Please note water expands 8% during a quick freeze and will ruin the gun instantly as soon as the inside of the trigger reaches 0c / 32 F with any water left on the inside.

    I will also provide another example of a common warranty issue. Say I have a portable with a vacuum motor issue inside my first year. I have to ship the vacuum motor back to the factory as they will inspect it to see that hair, carpet fibers, and foam have been sucked up into the vacuum motor. We all know this is hard to not do. The degreasers used in carpet cleaning will wash out the grease in the bearing and ruin the vacuum motor. If you fail to change out the carpet brush before the carbon wears all the way out and this in turn allows the carbon brush spring to hit the armature this too will ruin the vacuum motor. None of these issues are covered. In the meantime you would have spend shipping to ship the vacuum motor in and might even have to wait 2 weeks for an answer to see if you can receive a free vacuum motor. A lot of trouble when most customer would just pay the $100 for a new motor and get back to work right now.

    In summary most factory warranties are close to non warranties as it is very hard to make it worthwhile to bother trying to warranty the part.
    Again sorry for your non functioning item...