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Getting shocked with we use our upholstery cleaning machine

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  • Getting shocked with we use our upholstery cleaning machine

    A few years ago the company I work for purchased a Clean Storm 6G upholstery steam cleaner. In the recent months the machine has been holding an electrical charge, and shocking any and all persons working with it. I am wondering if this is a common problem, or if you have ever had it reported before. We have opened the machine to check for water damage, and cannot visibly see any. We have not taken the motor apart to assess it though. I know we have run out of warranty, but I am just curious if this is something others have encountered, or if you may have any suggestions as what may be causing the trouble. I appreciate your time, and quick response.
    Thanks so much,

    Answer: I personally have never heard of this issue with the Clean Storm 6 gallon series but have heard of this issue in general with a variety of different brands of carpet and upholstery cleaning machines used in our industry. Since all the parts that are used in most makes, the testing procedures are the same no matter the brand.
    1. The most common cause is a lot of water was sucked into one of the vacuum motors and even though their currently is not any water coming out of the machine with the big gulp of water was sucked into the machine it altered something inside of the vacuum motor. The only known fix is to change out the vacuum motor.
    Please note you did not provide me your machine model number so the exact vacuum motor installed is subject to change as the above link is my best guess on the part you have.
    2. On a two cored machine the building has a reversed polarity issue. In other words whoever wired the building has one of the common wires on gold terminal and the black wire on the silver terminal on one of the outlets. This can be tested with a polarity tester.
    3. One of the water heating rods is sorting to the case of the water heater. This is a fairly easy fix. The part is located at

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