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I want more vacuum for my EDIC 200SX-HR

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  • I want more vacuum for my EDIC 200SX-HR

    Question: Hello, I would like to upgrade the vac motors of my EDIC 200SX-HR which show a 82" lift to motors which have more lift.
    I want to go with a 75 to 100 ft 2" hose if possible.
    I was trying to avoid going with a 4th ac cord. So far I have 3 which are 1 = heater, 2 = vac motors and pump, 3 = powermate power wand.
    Can you please advise of what I need to do?
    New to business.
    Thanks so much,

    Answer: The problem is with the amp draw of each vacuum motor. Your current vacuum motors draw 7.5 amps each + the water pump means you need 16 amps on the one cord. In order to "beef" up the vacuum you need to take the amp draw to 10 to 11 amps per motor. This means you would have to place each vacuum motor on a different power cord.
    Your current vacuum motor is
    We do have the same vacuum motor in an 11 amp configuration at
    Adding an extra cord is easy to do by just mounting a toggle switch and power cord pick tail on the bottom back wall of the machine.
    You might also consider adding a vacuum booster to your system.

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