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Do you have Cheaper vacuum motors for more performance?

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  • Do you have Cheaper vacuum motors for more performance?

    Question; are there any other 2 stage vac motors that will give you the same performance as max vac high performance vac motors for a better price and maybe lower amp draw like the generic max vac/ametek motor, or does the generic not provide the same lift and cfm?

    Answer: The west pak 2 stage when set up in the Goliath 2 series pair format also work very well
    Westpak 10-2460 Vacuum Motor 2 Stage 115 volts most common size , 10-2460, Vacuum Motors, Parts & Accessories, by WestPak USA, MOTOR, 2 STAGE, 1100W 120V         &bull Motor - 1100W, 120V. &bull 2 Stage. &bull ...

    Please note that amp draw is king. This rule cannot be bent. In other words, if it uses and consumes less amp draw it will perform less, period.
    Each vacuum motor amp draw is on a curve based on how you use it. Example visit
    Look at the charts at
    Electro Q6600-084A-MP-26 Mytee C302A 3 stage 120V Conical Bottom Fan Vacuum High Performance Vacuum Motor, Q6600-084A-MP-26, Vacuum Motors, Parts & Accessories, by Electro Motor, Bypass Tangential Exhaust Vacuum Motor Mytee C302A HP High Performanc...

    The amp draw on this above vacuum motor ranges from 10 amp (open flow 112.9 cfm) to 14.8 amps (sealed 144.6 inches of lift). Average 12.4 amps @ 120 volts. The average amp draw is like with the wand of a carpet cleaning machine on the floor as cleaning carpet is neither completely sealed or open flow. Naturally the cfm and inches of lift is also going to be cut in half with the wand on the floor. I always like to refer this as "use" inches of lift, and "use" cubic feet per minute.

    The difference between the max vac and the westpak is the carbon brushes have been changed out to a longer lasting carbon brush. Other than that, I thinks they are the same.
    The reason that the Goliath vacuum system works so well is the cfm airflow of the second vacuum motor is picked up by 25%. We have found that a vacuum motor that normally pushes 100 cfm and then you place a second in series will not move 125 cfm. We have found this true will all vacuum motors. Here is another fact. When you place 2 vacuum motors in series of the same type, the inches of water lift is improved by 70% of the one in front of it. Example if I have a 90 inch lift motor and place a second in the exhaust, the second motor will now perform at 70% of 90 inches or add 63 inches of lift. Here is another interesting feature about the 4 vac configuration used in the Goliath if a pair of vacuum motors produces 164.9 inches of lift at 125 cfm and then you add another pair exactly the same inches of lift in parallel to it, the inches of lift is increased by another 3%. The 164.9 inches will move to 170 inches and the cfm will move to 250 cfm. I have not figured out what is causing the extra 3% of inches of water lift but I think is as to do with all the motors competing for the same cubic feet of air. We have also found that these results improve after a break in period. I have most of our Goliath customers tell me that after using the machine for a month, if feels even stronger. When I first heard this, I thought that does not make sense so I checked with a vacuum motor engineer, and he confirmed that vacuum motors improve with age. Naturally the amp draw of running all 4 vacuum motors is using 30 amps (7.5 amps each) to product the 170 inches X 250 cfm = 42,500 vacuum units. Almost any group of vacuum motors (and or brand) that used 30 amps of power would perform with similar vacuum units. So the answer to your question is more about amp draw than brand, or stages, or size of motor... you need to figure out how many average amps you want your machine to draw and build the machine around this.

    Max vacuum motors
    Max Vac 2 Stage 5.7 Inch High Performance Vacuum Motor PO932STD, PO932STD, Vacuum Motors, Parts & Accessories, by Clean Storm, PO932STD   DIMENSIONS ARE IDENTICAL TO AMETEK Lamb   116392-00   2   STAGE   83&rdquo WATER ...

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    Any dual 3 stage vacuum motors that use 15 amps of power?

    question: Are there any 3 stage vac in series that pull 15 amp

    Answer: No, not that I know of. The US Products Pex 500 and the US Product Torrent both have dual 3 stage 15 amp system installed but please note because it only uses and consumes 15 amps it performs the same as a dual 2 stage 15 amp system. This is performed using a circuit board and tunes down the amp draw and performance. The reason for lowering the performance is to ensure the circuit breakers do not trip in an office building with 15 amp breakers while being able to boast "dual 3 stage performance" in marketing. Again amp draw is king any vacuum motor configuration that consumes 15 amps, performs like a 15 amp system.

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