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Weird noise under my truckmount when traveling over bumps

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  • Weird noise under my truckmount when traveling over bumps

    Question: I have the truck mount mounted in my cargo van, when I go on big bumps I hear a huge bang from the bottom somewhere. I spoke to someone about it, he said you guys make some sort of tray to install under the machine, which make it a stronger mount to the van ,which should solve this problem. Do you know what he's referring to? the noise is coming from under the engine area. I notice it wasn’t mounted with washers, and im thinking maybe the bolt is banging through the whole or at least trying to. Any suggestions please?

    Answer: The truckmount drip trays are for helping to reinforce the bottom of the van/ trailers while transferring water out the side door if you have a leak.
    Some of the models are located at

    Sometimes we have to custom make these to fit your machine
    I think that this noise is something else that is loose. You first need to find out if the noise is in the van or under the van.