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Mytee LTD12 will not vacuum prime!

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  • Mytee LTD12 will not vacuum prime!

    Two issues:
    Wrong hose installed under the hood OR the check valves are stuck in the pump. The dried antifreeze product inside the pump, will make the check valves get stuck closed.
    To unstick the pump valves requires that you open the priming ball valve on the face of the extractor, remove the acorn strainer, and then use the garden hose pressure to push water pressure through the pump system (with the pump on).
    This will help unstick the stuck check valves on the inside of the pump head.

    It has come to my attention that Mytee has take the hose that travels from the fresh water tank to the pump switch from a spiral wire reinforced hose to a nylon reinforced hose.
    Between the hot water softening this hose and the turns this hose makes under the hood, this new hose collapses and in turn starves off the pump from working.
    Here are some links to show what I am talking about.
    The original correct hose was made from this material:
    This is now replaced with this wrong hose:
    They then cover this hose with a poly wire loom

    The first level of correction would be to take so 1/2" wide worm drive hose clamps and clamp over the kink(s) to straiten out the hose.
    The second would be to change out the hose to the correct hose that should have been factory installed.
    Example, a larger and wider version of this hose clamp in the link below:
    If you want a replacement correct hose sent to you we will make one and ship it to you but I need to know how to make it. Example length and ends that need to be installed. Photos also would be helpful. Naturally I cannot have Mytee ship out a replacement hose as they would just ship you the wrong hose again so we need to fix it with the spiral hose. The Mytee warranty does cover parts only and does not offer labor.

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    PS I have sent and email over to Mytee about this issue but they have not responded to confirm the needed required correction and their is no way to know how many machines were built with the wrong hose installed.
    Current Mytee Warranty details can be found
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