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new blueline wand leaving streaks? help!

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  • new blueline wand leaving streaks? help!

    My new wand is leaving streaks on the carpet while cleaning and I dont know why? Seems like water does not overlap enough in the downspray right above the carpet. Truckmount pressure is 600 psi or less. Streaks were visible on both of the first two jobs i did with it today. New to truckmounts and this problem. Looking for suggestions fast before call backs kill me. Thanks Brian can email direct at [email protected]

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    Carpet Cleaning Streaking and lines

    There are 5 factors that cause streaking.
    1. The spray jets are clogged causing an un-even spray. Please do not poke at the jets. Instead, remove the jets and use a rubber tipped blow gun off an air compressor to blow air backwards through the jet to clean.
    2. The water pressure is turned up too high. This can cause 'pressure marks' in the carpet. In other words the carpet twist is becoming untwisted or pile blooming as the water pressure impacts the fibers so hard it un-twist the fibers. Pressure marks can happen on pressures over 600 psi.
    3. The carpet is made from a soft fiber, like Rayon (made from wood pulp and cotton)
    4. The spray jets are mounted too close to the suction lip (only a common problem in multi jetted tools). Manufactures like have the jets close to the carpet because the water looses pressure and temperature as it travels through the air. (loss can be be as much as 30 degrees F per inch).
    5. The spray jet spray pattern is hitting the adjacent water from the jet located on the left or right side. Some times you can slightly turn the jets about 4 degree from parallel from the suction lip to have the water spray in front or behind the adjacent spray pattern.