I purchased this kleenrite SPP-32347 machine from you 8/18/2003.
I have not used this machine for several years (2004), but it worked when I put it away.
I am now unable to get water to the cleaning wand and upholstery head.
Water seems to be going through the blue hose from the cleaner to the wands, but the spray mechanisms are very weak and no spray comes out.
I do not think it is the pump.
What may be the problem and is there an easy fix?
Please advise.
Madison, WI
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Answer: I do not think it is the pump rather just a clogged spray jet.
Please remove the jet off the wand and try it again.
Work you way back from there. In other words, remove the QD off the end of the pressure hose and place your thumb over the solution hose and see if your thumb is strong enough to shut off the water when the pump is running. If the pump is working well, your thumb will NOT be strong enough to cut off the water flow.