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Help convert my 5000 psi pressure washer to clean at low pressure for carpet cleaning

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  • Help convert my 5000 psi pressure washer to clean at low pressure for carpet cleaning

    Question: Good evening Donald! This is Wade, I spoke with you on the phone last week. First of all I want to say thank you! I appreciate your time in helping me not make a big mistake! I know I heard your family in the background and to me family time is everything! This is why my wife and I are starting our business together. Because of the time you took with me, explaining in great detail things I needed to know, we will definitely be making a purchase with you. I have spent the last week reading your forum. It has been a huge resource of knowledge. I think I have a concept of what synergistic system I am wanting to purchase. And I am really liking the idea of this system giving me different avenues to embark on. If there is any way you could look at what I have put together it is all in my shopping cart. Can you see if anything that I may need is missing from the cart? Also can you check to see if all of the items match up correctly? (Hoses, quick connects, etc.) If there is anything you would make an improvement I would love to hear your feedback. Again, I understand your time is very important, but if everything looks good to you we will be purchasing ASAP. I do have a question about my pressure washer. It is a 5000 PSI 5gpm max. There is not a way to adjust the pressure on the pressure washer itself. I have noticed that I will definitely be needing to change the pressure. Do you sell anything that will connect to my pressure washer to control the PSI? Or will I need the pressure washer in the shopping cart? Thank you again for the time and the resources for helping me grasp the basic understanding and knowledge that I have gained.

    Answer: Thanks for your update and interest. I cannot see the shopping cart unless you checkout and select the button "will mail a check" instead of entering credit card information. This will allow me to view what you are thinking about.
    Sometimes on pressure washers the current factory unloader will not turn down to the 500 psi range to offer carpet cleaning, but please note all pressure washers can be converted into a carpet cleaning system.
    On theses units you just need to add a second unloader that offers a 0 - 2500 psi range and leave your current unloader preset at the 5000 psi.
    Here is what you will need:
    Coming off the pump and on the way to the first unloader you will need to install two Street 3/8" Tees.
    3 8 in Mip X 3 8 in Fip X 3 8 in Fip Street Tee Steel, 560266, Steel Fittings, Brass, Plastic, Steel, Stainless Hydraulic Fittings, Parts & Accessories, by Clean Storm,  3 8 in Mip X 3 8 in Fip X 3 8 in Fip Street Tee Steel.

    One to mount a pressure gauge and one to travel to a high pressure ball valve
    Clean Storm 3 8 Fip Full Port High Pressure Ball Valve Steel 7250 psi, 20130217, Ball Valves, Valves, Parts & Accessories, by Clean Storm,  Full Port High Pressure Ball Valve 7250 psi 3 8 Fip X 3 8 Fip Steel Construction.

    Because you will pushing and pulling on this ball valve you might have to mount it with "U" bolts to the frame.
    After the water leaves this ball valve you will have it travel to an EZ start low pressure unloader.
    Arimitsu 70045 Pump Unloader Valve Series MV580 3 Port 0-2500 psi 0-8 gpm EZ Start Feature, 70045, Arimitsu, Pumps Water Pumps , Parts & Accessories, by Arimitsu,  3 port unloader Works from Zero to 2500 psi. This unit is Panel Mountable. Incl...

    This to should be panel mounted.
    The water leaving the unloader will need to meet up to the water that travels into the burner so you will need to install a third 3/8" street tee fitting.
    This new unloader will have to have 'unloaded water' travel back to your freshwater tank, water mix box, or back to the inlet of the water pump.
    This too might require a 3/8" street tee fitting but only you can answer this...
    Naturally you will need 2 wire 6000 psi rated jumper hoses made for all these connections that have swivels on one side. These hoses usually will cost about $35 each.
    A pressure gauge should have a 2 to 1 service factor ratio so on your rig you should mount a 10,000 psi gauge.
    This could be panel mounted, back mount connection, or bottom mount connection. Again every machine is different so I do not know what would be best for your machine.
    Karcher 10000 psi Bottom Mount Pressure Gauge Stainless Steel, 20140122, Gauges, Parts & Accessories, by Karcher Pressure Washing,  Karcher 10,000 psi Bottom Mount Pressure Gauge Stainless Steel.

    Don't worry about both unloaders feeding into the same "T" on the way back to the burner inlet as the water will not travel backwards through either unused unloader.
    Please visit
    Clean Storm 215 psi Pressure Switch Sensor BLUE Cap for Pressure Washers and Truckmounts, 20130502, Switches, Parts & Accessories, by Clean Storm,  Clean Storm 215 psi Pressure Switch BLUE Cap SELECTION The Pressure Switch is designed to contr...

    You may or may not have something on your current system that looks like this. Notice this unit states BLUE cap or 215 psi. Some systems have a 580 psi (or higher) sensors installed.
    These are used to turn the burn off in the event you burst a hose and prevents the burner from firing full time buy realizing the water pressure just dropped below 580 psi.
    Naturally to clean upholstery at 450 psi and carpet and 500 psi, this will need to be switched to the 215 psi model above.
    All hot water pressure system use steel coil burners. Combine this with steel crimped hoses, this mean that they will place a small amounts of rust into your cleaning water. Visit
    Clean Storm Pressure Washer QD to Rust Bleeder to Filtered Insulated Carpet Cleaners QD 20120606, 20120606, Quick Disconnects And Couplers, Parts & Accessories, by Clean Storm, Clean Storm Pressure Wash QD to Rust Bleeder to Filtered Insulated Carp...

    This system will need to be upgraded to the 7000 psi ball valve + steel high pressure fittings if you leave snapped in full time. Usually cleaners use this on QD and when they are cleaning under 1500 psi (tile cleaning), they just snap this into the pressure washer. This will let you preflush some rust out and then filters what is left so you jet will not clog up. (carpet, upholstery, and tile cleaning uses smaller nozzles)