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Changing vac motor in Mytee Lite II to 3 stages.

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  • Changing vac motor in Mytee Lite II to 3 stages.

    Question: Hi i have a Mytee Lite 2 which i bought in late 2015 and now the vacuum motor is damaged, I would like to know if the vacuum motor you all sell which is the Mytee C302LA Electro Vacuum Motor Flat Bottom 3 stage 120V. If it can be outfitted to work how can it be wired to this unit. Thank you for your cooperation awaiting your response.

    Answer: I believe it will work, but I personally have not done this repair. If you have currently a 2 stage vacuum motor and now switching to a 3 stage you will have to change the mounting bolts that hold the vacuum motor to handle this taller vacuum motor. I also am concerned about the total amp draw as this new vacuum motor uses 2 more amps on a machine that was already build very close to 20 amps anyway. You might want to consider lowering the wattage on the heater to 600 watts, which is super easy to do.

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