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Vacuum motor is making a rubbing noise

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  • Vacuum motor is making a rubbing noise

    Hi my name is Donald and I fix all the machines here at SteamBrite.
    Sandy @ Steambrite forwarded me you video of the vacuum motor and I am familiar with this rubbing noise.
    Looking from the top down on a vacuum motor you will see the cooling fan cover, then the fan, the armature and winding section, the discharge horn, and then 3 sections of pressed on vacuum covers. Each cover has a small ridge on the side of the vacuum motor. On a two stage motor will have one ridge half way down and a three stage motor will have two of these small ridges all the way around the vacuum motor base. I do not know which motor you have but the procedure is the same. More than likely, either during shipping, manufacturing, or during the installation the bottom of one of the vacuum stages get squeezed together to hard. This is causing the vacuum blade to rub against the housing. To fix this would involve removing the three wires and three bolt that hold the vacuum motor in the machine as well as the hose clamp around the discharge horn. The vacuum motor might be stuck to the gasket under the motor. Once the motor is removed, inspect the height of each side with a ruler and see what side is the shortest. This will the problem side. You will have to lay the vacuum motor on is side and using a flat blade screw driver and a hammer, you will need to tap the stage cover back down. Moving the cover only a 1/16" might make a huge difference. To bench test the vacuum motor temporary install a replacement male extension cord plug on the end of the three vac motor wires. Hold on tight to the horn so when you turn on the motor it does not jump off the work bench. This way you will be able to make sure that it is not going to make noise after reinsertion. I always cup my hand and place under the bottom of the vacuum motor during my test to simulate pulling a hard vacuum. During reinsalation make sure that you do not do anything to over squeeze the vacuum motor to re-crush the stage housing. The vacuum motor has a one year parts warranty against giving out. I do not know Edic's policy on changing out vacuum motor because of a noise problem.

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    Vacuum motor is making a rubbing noise

    no one wants to use them because they just hide the noise and not really solve the problem, permanantely.
    i will however resort to them if i have to. anything to get rid of this ugly sound
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