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Installing dual unloaders for wider pressure range use

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  • Installing dual unloaders for wider pressure range use

    Question: I am looking at setting up a power washer supply system. I am need to lower the psi. I saw two different regulators and wanted to make sure I had the correct part to make that possible. If so, Is there any differences in these two parts besides pressure ratings? Part # 3300-0084 and Part 3390-0079.
    Thank you Donny

    Answer: The first part number is a pressure regulator, the second is an unloader. Pressure regulators keep the pressure on the pump full time while an unloader unloads the pressure when you are not using any water. Regulators have a larger range of flow rates that can be used so typically work best for machine that will be used with upholstery wands. Unloaders make the pump last longer since the pump will go through periods of no load.

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