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How to fix pile lifter vibration?

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  • How to fix pile lifter vibration?

    The Certified Pile Lifter we received from you is having an issue with the motor for the brush bouncing and causing a thumping in the handle when it is under a load. Our other pile lifter does not do this. What should we do to get the problem fixed? Steve

    Answer: When the pile lifter is not in use, you need to stick a 2X4 piece of wood under the front lip of the vacuum but not under the brush. This will lift the frame so the brush is not sitting on the floor. If you park the pile lifter on the floor without either laying on its back or with a piece of wood under the lip, the brush will develop a flat spot on it. The only way to fix the flat spot is to purchase a new brush. The pile lifter is available with either a nylon or vegetable brush.

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