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Carpet cleaning machine low or no water pressure check list

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  • Carpet cleaning machine low or no water pressure check list

    Here are some items points to remember:
    Losing prime only happens when you run out of water and suck and air bubble into the pump.
    You have to push or suck the air bubble out of the pump to make the pump pressure up again.
    #1 alway make sure all your water filters are clean, in the tank, under the hood.
    #2 make sure you do not have any kinked hoses under the hood. Try to peek under the hood with a flashlight to watch how the hoses move as you close the machine.
    #3 Lubricate the unloader / pressure regulator. Also try the regular in different positions by turning the knob up and down.
    #4 Vacuum prime the pump. This will require and extra QD to snap into the end of the solution hose or on the face of the extractor. Video on Youtube under steambrite prime pump.
    #5 Pressure prime the machine with a garden hose and an open flow out the QD again. Simply use the garden hose pressure in the bottom of the fresh water tank to push the air out. This will require you to remove the acorn strainer located in the bottom of the carpet cleaning machine.
    #6 Try priming the machine without the QD installed on the face of the machine. Some factories use import couplers and they have been known to cause flow flow or zero flow through them.
    #7 If a machine is brand new, and never worked, the factory might have installed the heater check valve on backwards. This has happened very rearley as this can only be the case whe the factory installed the check valve backwards, and then proceeds to not test the machine and ship it anyway. I have had this happen with both Mytee and Sandia Plastic machines thus far. The check valve will be located between the pump head and the heater. It will have an arrow stamped on the side of it showing the required flow of water.
    #8 A new pump head is required. This happens if you place chemicals in your fresh water tank. This is not authorized as the machine requires you to prespray the cleaner and then use the machine with fresh water or fresh water with a small amount for rinse aid in the fresh water tank. All heated machine are designed to rinse an already cleaned surface. Prespray the cleaner, agitate the surface with the cleaner, rinse if off. The use of high pH cleaners, solvents and degreasers will ruin the seals on the pump head and is not covered under warranty.