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Portable looses pressure during use??

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  • Portable looses pressure during use??

    Question: Hello. Have a Clean Storm 3-500 extractor. When I press the trigger on the wand, it shows 500 psi but then slowly drops down to 200. After releasing the trigger and pressing it again, it's back at 500 then again drops to 200. The brass pressure adjuster is frozen, but I'm not sure I'd that would cause this
    What do you think it can be, and what parts would be necessary to get the pressure at a consistent 500psi?
    Thank you in advance,

    Answer No parts are needed.
    This means that it is starving for water between the fresh water tank and the pump.
    Most commonly a dirty bowl filter.
    After you clean the bowl filter under the hood, vacuum prime the machine to remove any air.
    In some rare cases the nozzles are too large and need to be replaced on the cleaning tool.