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I was wanting to speak with someone concerning the warranty I have on my equipment.

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  • I was wanting to speak with someone concerning the warranty I have on my equipment.

    Question: I was wanting to speak with someone concerning the warranty I have on my equipment.

    Answer: Each factory has a factory warranty on all new equipment but they require you to email the invoice number, item number, serial number, what the issue is, what part you need sent to you, what testing you have performed to determine what part you need to fix your issue. None of the factories discuss your issues over the phone. Must be in writing.
    I found this information under your name: Invoice 90117, Has several items on it from Mytee Escape Plus items, with Clean Storm and Westpak items.
    If you have an issue with Mytee Products, they have a website to log into for warranty issues and to up load your invoice and serial number and photos of the issue.
    Mytee might have schematics for this item on their website too so you can clarify the part number you need. Please note the warranty with Mytee changes based on the item.
    Example, gauges, hoses, switches, are wear items and have a 90 day warranty. Major components and pumps and motors include a 1 year parts warranty. The hosing is 5 years but pro-rated based on the age. You might be required to ship back an warranty item and shipping and labor are not included with Mytee’s warranty. I will also tell you that 99% of all warranty issues are operator error issues and maintainace issues and abuse issues and would not be covered. Example freeze damage is abuse and will not be covered. If you failed to place a space heater in your service vehicle, you must assurry have non covered damage. Ice exerts over 10,000 psi internally and will break the water pumps, fittings, gauges, etc. Auto dump not working: All auto pump out machines require dirty water filtration. Other issues are caused by not using a hose mount lint filter or waste tank filter and rinsing all your auto dump filter screens after each job. Machine will not build enough pressure: Running out of water and sucking an air bubble into the pump. Go to YouTube and watch “Steambrite prime pump” to learn how to easily fix this issue.

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