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12 volt water Transfer for Truckmounts

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  • 12 volt water Transfer for Truckmounts

    Basic 12 volt Water Transfer system installation.
    The easiest way for me to describe this is to have
    you follow the flow of water.
    We have three different types of tanks that are
    currently sold. 110 gallon over the step well, 100
    rectangular shaped, and 55 poly drum. Which ever
    tank you decide to use, please rinse out the inside
    of the tanks before use!
    Installation of the 110 gallon step well tank does
    involve using the provided all-thread rod and
    attaching it to the top of the wheel well to the top
    rear of the fresh tank bracket. When the wheel well
    is of the tank is too short to accommodate the height
    of the wheel well, you might need to add a 2" X 12"
    pressure treated piece of wood under the length of
    the tank to lift it. Use Bolts to secure the
    perimeter brackets to the floor.
    The 100 gallon rectangular tank is is mounted to the
    floor buy installing four conduit holder brackets to
    the floor around the perimeter of the tank (two on
    each side). You can use ratcheting tie down straps to
    go over the top of the tank and securing the strap to
    two of the conduit brackets that are mounted on the
    floor. The conduit brackets can be mounted to the
    floor with self drilling hex cap screws, with 1/4"
    steel rivets, or bolts.
    The 55 gallon poly drum and be mounted using two
    rathet straps around the perimeter of the drum
    attaching the drum to one of the upright beams of the
    van at the 1/3 and 2/3 height of the drum or by
    mounting three conduit bracket to the floor around
    the perimeter of the drum. Three straps are used to
    travel from the top lip of the drum to the conduit
    loop mounted on the floor. Place two straps on the
    back end of the drum and one on the side closest to
    the front of the van. This way when you slam on your
    brakes you will have two straps hold the weight from
    moving forward. Once you have tightened the straps,
    you can fold the remaining straps and cable (zip) tie
    the excess to the strap thereby removing any trip
    hazard. The drum does not have a threaded hole in
    the bottom, so a suction foot valve is installed
    through one of the top holes. This would include a
    1/2" Mip X 1/2" Mip plastic nipple that connects to a
    check valve (make sure the arrow is installed up)
    that connects to 1/2" Mip X 1/2 barbed connector.
    An optional acorn strainer can be installed on the
    1/2" Mip nipple. Use the 1/2" ID clear suction hose
    with the spring in to transfer the water to the
    Extreme Strainer. The spring inside of the hose will
    prevent the hose from collapsing as it travels over
    the top of the drum.
    The bottom of both the 110 gallon and the 100 gallon
    tanks have a 3/4" FIP connection. Use a 3/4" Mip X
    Barbed connector secured with a worm drive hose
    clamp is used to connect to the Extreme Stainer with
    3/4" ID water hose. The Extreme Strainer only has
    connections to connect to the inlet side of the
    Shurflo Extreme Series Pump. When a FlowJet brand
    pump is used you will need to change both water
    connections on the Extreme Stainer to part 94-615-05
    3/4" Quick Connect Elbow Fitting (be sure to use the
    provided lubricant). When the Shurflow brand is
    used, you will only need to change out the incoming
    side of the strainer with 94-615-05 fitting. When
    using a 55 poly drum change the inlet side of the
    strainer with 1/2" Quick connect elbow fitting part
    94-615-00 and the outlet side to part 94-615-05 when
    connecting to Flowjet and use the provided connection
    when connecting to Shurflow.
    Mount your water transfer pump in a location that you
    will not have to walk on. Sometimes this can be
    behind the tank or behind the passenger seat or just
    next to the water tank. Mounting can be done by
    using self drilling hex cap screws to the floor of
    the van. Be sure to follow the arrows with the flow of the water.
    Use the 3/4" ID hose to take the water to the front
    of the truck mount after it leaves the transfer pump and install a 3/4" Male garden hose
    connector at the end of the hose.
    A ball valve can be installed on the end of the
    garden hose so you can shut off the water flow if you
    want to connect direct connect a garden hose.
    An additional ball valve can be installed between the tank and Extreme Strainer to make it easier to clean the filter located inside of the strainer without having to drain the tank.