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Repairing Hydroforce Injection Sprayer

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  • Repairing Hydroforce Injection Sprayer

    Question: When your spraymaster/ injection sprayer / hydroforce / cobra sprayer is no longer spraying injecting soap, what do I do?

    1. First clean all three filters located on the sprayer. There is a barrel filter located between the handle and the male quick disconnect. There is a filter in the bottom of the pick up tubing located inside of the chemical storage jug. There is a filter located between the spray jet and the spray bar lance. Remove all three and rinse off with fresh water and blow out with compressed air.
    2. While all three filters are removed, take a rubber tipped blow gun from your air compressor line and blow air backward through the injection sprayer while squeezing the trigger on the injection sprayer. Another words, spray from the spray lance opening towards the removed quick disconnect. Because this can take three hands, and if you are working by yourself, you can temporary install a releasable cable tie around the injection sprayer trigger gun to hold the lever in a squeezed position while blowing your air through the sprayer. This will clear any miniature pieces of rust or other foreign mater from within the Dema valve injector.
    3. Inspect the spray tip that is installed. The best performing tip is the TeeJet 6506 or equivalent.
    4. Remove the yellow metering tip that is located between the dema valve injector and the clear pick up tubing (if equipped). This will increase the dilution ratio from 1 - 8 to 1 - 4. The removal is achieved by pulling down on the clear tubing to remove from he lower injector body. Unscrew counter-clockwise the yellow tip and re-install the clear tubing.