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Truckmount Love Joy or Dodge Fitting Damage

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  • Truckmount Love Joy or Dodge Fitting Damage

    Things that cause this damage:
    Waste tank filter is dirty and stressing out vacuum blower
    Customer does not like to hear the noise of the air going down the vacuum hose so they place the hose against a wall when not in use.
    When you start and stop the engine, you do so at full RPMs. Always turn the engine to idle and then turn off the engine and start at half rpms.
    Engine and vacuum blower are not lined up. This could be in any direction (up, down, left, right, or combination there of)
    Blower needs to be lubricated (speaking of witch you need to take a paper towel and remove the excess grease from the back of the blower before it drips on top of the muffler. Use Mobile 1 synthetic when you lube the blower once a month.
    The flange that holds the rubber fitting is loose on the shaft of the engine or blower.
    Vacuum relief valve is over tightened.
    Rubber Love Joy/ Dodge fitting is rated for too low of horse power. It is best to have it rated for double the horse power you are going to use it at. (your is)
    The flanges are mounted too close or too far apart. You want room for expansion of the rubber fitting, but no more than an 1/8".