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Pro Start and Scout owners manual changes

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  • Pro Start and Scout owners manual changes

    The following statements have been left out of the owners manual for the ProStart and Scout Truckmounts:
    The most important thing to remember is always keep the water in motion. Always hook up at least 20 psi of incoming water pressure to machine regardless how it is going to be used.
    Ways to keep the water in motion:
    1. Opening a trickle on the front the machine to remove any air during start up, upholstery cleaning and for water extractions. When performing water extractions an upholstery cleaning you would need to open up more than for carpet cleaning because of the low or no water use. Do not over open ball valve for the machine might die if insufficient in coming water pressure might simulate no water can cause the machine to die or not to start.
    2. Open ball or needle valve on cleaning wand when when machine is on and you are not in cleaning.
    Open the bypass on the wand(s) if you accept a phone call, have to move furniture, or the customer start talking to you to prevent the machine from over heating the water.
    Never let the machine freeze. Install a small electric space heater in van on low if it is going to freeze at night.
    Make sure that the waste tank filter is kept clean.
    Make sure that the waste tank auto shut off switch is clean.
    Make sure that the in coming 2" elbow, on the inside of the waste tank, is pointing at a 45 degree angle (not pointing strait down) so as to swirl the water around in the waste tank as opposed to pointing strait down. Point elbow away from high water shut off switch, not towards float switch.
    Make sure that the filter on the garden hose connection is clean.
    Make sure that the filters located behind the spray jets on the wand(s) are clean.
    If you are using a waste tank filter, Hydro Filter or Leaf guard filter, please clean each time you empty your waste tank of water.
    Descale the heat exchanges with Descaler System Maintainer is you are not using a formulated rinse aid like Flush.
    Make sure you read the owner manual to make sure you know how to grease the front end of the vacuum blower, change the oil in the rear of the vacuum blower, and lubricate the impellers to prevent rust build up.
    If your water pressure pump contains oil, make sure that the oil level is half way up the site window or at the correct level on oil dip stick.
    If you have to grease the water pump, please read owner manual to understand the frequency.
    Only close dump valve while machine is in use. You should not be driving around with the dump valve closed. Leave the drain valve open all the time except only when the machine is in use. The dump valve will need to have the 4 bolts removed so you can clean out the gate trough every month. Be sure to lubricate with lithium grease before reassembly.
    Check tightness of all bolts that secure the engine, vacuum blower, and water pump within the first 40 hours and use and every 90 days after that.
    If you are planning on not using your machine for a while, be sure to leave the lid off the waste tank and turn off the gas ball valve located under the fuel tank (if equipped). Operate the truck mount with water pressure traveling through machine on a medium low RPM until the carburetor runs out of gas the the machine dies. Turn the key off.