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How do I test my rotory floor machine buffer?

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  • How do I test my rotory floor machine buffer?

    Some test need to be run to determine what is the problem. Try plugging the unit into different outlet at different addresses. If it still does not turn on, here is the next test. All of the floor machines have a male plug that comes out of the head of the motor. This male plug needs to be unplugged. This is located at the base of the handle. Take a 12 gauge or 10 gauge extension cord and plug it into a dedicated 20 amp outlet or plug the male plug directly into a wall outlet without an extension cord. This test needs to be performed with the brushes off and the machine either upright or laying on its back. The motor should turn on. It it does turn on, then the problem is in the switch/lever area or power cord. Make sure that you use/depress/switch the safety lever on the floor machine or it will not turn on. This is a safety device on all floor machines that insures you do not accidentally turn it on. If it does not turn, replace the start and run capacitor on the sides of the motor. The capacitors are located underneath the metal covers under the bumps that protrude out the side of the motor head. To test the switch, and power cord section, remove the switch box cover and look for obvious problems like loose wires or burnt connections. If all looks fine, you will need a $10 electrical multimeter tester (a must for every company for it diagnoses any electrical equipment). Email you Steambrite sales rep for how to order one.
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