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My newly installed vacuum motor make a horible noise

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  • My newly installed vacuum motor make a horible noise

    The vacuum motors are test at the factory to ensure that work fine.
    The only time they make noise is after installation or if the vacuum motor was dropped durring shipping. This happens from over compressing the vacuum motor during installation which in turn causes the bottom of the vacuum motor to rub against the spinning blades. This is easy to fix. Remove the vacuum motor, lay the vacuum motor on a table bottom down and look at what side of the vacuum motor is over compressed. Lay the vacuum motor on its side, and use flat blade screw driver and a hammer, gently tap on the stages ridges to decompress the housing. You can periodicity grasp the bottom center nut and hand turn the motor blades to check when they are no longer rubbing. Reinstall the vacuum motor with less aggression on the compression on the vacuum gasket.
    If the box was damaged durring shipping, please make sure you note the damage when you sign for the package, take photos of the damaged box and contents and email them to [email protected] along with your invoice number. A shipping claim will be made and processed according to the shipping company policies.
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