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How reliable are mytee heaters?

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  • How reliable are mytee heaters?

    I believe that Mytee heater are extremely reliable. Most of the time all heater issues are related to operator error. The advantage with the Mytee style is that they heat the housing and not the water. Another words you can run the heater dry without damage. The Mytee warranty is listed at
    The heater elements and thermostats have a 90 day warranty. The welded heater housing is a one year warranty.
    We stock both thermostats and elements.
    Here are some suggestions to help keep from burning them up.
    Only use the heat option on no more than 50 ft of 12-3 power cord.
    Do not add extension cords to the machine when using the heat option.
    Do not allow the heater to freeze.
    Do not change the power cords out to smaller gauge (14 and 16 are unacceptable).
    Do no operate on 15 amp breakers. Wall outlets that use 15 amp breakers are using 14 gauge wire in the wall, so this is unacceptable.
    Do not operate the machine with other items shared on the same breakers. These need to be dedicated draw.
    Best to use a 220 volt electric dryer converter to ensure you do not share the power consumption with out electrical items in the home. Sometime builder even add the ceiling fans and outer items to the same breakers and you do not know that they are shared. Hence the recommendation for using the converter.
    If you have to change out any of the soderless connectors on the thermostats, use only Nylon connectors. The automotive style are make from vinyl and melt at 270 degrees. The nylon style handle up to 470 degree F.
    If you ever have to change out any of the thermostats, change the push button manual reset thermostat with a auto reset thermostat. (see link above) We quite stocking the push button style because they only trip when the auto is burned up. When you use two auto reset styles you are sharing the switching of the on and off between two switches and you will notice that they will last a very long time.

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    Mytee Heater Warranty

    QUESTION: To mwhom it may concern,
    I purchase a mytee hot box earlier this year and it has just stopped working. Does it come with any waranty? How can i get it looked at?

    ANSWER: It has a full year warranty on the unit, and the core (freeze damage excluded). You have a 90 day warranty on the power cord, thermostats, and switches. The heater rod, I am not clear on. It is either a year or 90 days. I will have to check(I think it is a year). You can take the heater to a Mytee authorized service center or if you own a Multitester ( you can perform the nessasary test to find out what item needs to be replaced, or you can ship it back to Mytee for repair, or you can ship it back to SteamBrite for repair. The warranty does not cover shipping in either direction so the first two options are most commonly used. These heaters are super easy to work on so the only hurdle with you working on it yourself is do you own the $10 meter?
    To find a service center you will have to contact Mytee Products directly and have a copy of your invoice.
    [email protected]

    QUESTION: I did the necessary testing & found that the core went bad and burnt out wiring & switches. The unit is no good & needs to be replaced. What is the address to return?

    ANSWER: Please read the warranty posted at
    It states the heating elements and switches are a 90 day parts warranty.
    Please note you can purchase the replacement parts at
    The only time that these would go bad is if your thermostat quits working
    Replace the heating rod
    Our address is 11104 Osgood St., San Antonio, TX 78233
    Our labor rate is $72 per hour to repair the unit + shipping if it is not under warranty. You need to make sure you include a copy of the invoice in the box along with instructions what you want us to do. Repairs and testing is usually 30 min or $36 + parts.

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