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fresh water tank

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  • fresh water tank

    i was given an old Hercules Time Machine truck mount. I would like to add a new fresh water tank to it. Is there any reason NOT to use a tank from an online water tank supplier? Are there any advantages to using one offered by SteamBrite or other competitors?

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    fresh water tank

    Any water tank will work. With some truck mounts you have to use a water transfer pump to power feed the machine. The only advantage to some of the tanks we sell is the shape of them allow for a smaller foot print. Depending on the space you have this might be real important.


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      hercules time machine

      the set up for the system i have allows pressure and heat to build when the wand is not active. i know i can get a bypass wand (at least that's what i think they are called) to prevent this from overheating my truckmount and overheating the water. do you carry these? and how much?
      are there anyways to work around this excessive heat and pressure build up without buying a special wand? i plan on using a Spinmaster and wonder if there is an add on able to be a bypass for when i'm not cleaning but moving furniture.


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        bypass carpet cleaning wands

        bypass floor wand usually cost about $225. They have a small ball valve on the side of the trigger valve that allow you to trickel water into the vacuum if you quite cleaning. The spin master wand does not have this option. You would have to trickle a small amount of water on the front of your truck mount to keep the water in motion.