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Vapor clean steam Cleaner not working

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  • Vapor clean steam Cleaner not working

    Please note that these units are not to be used on an extension cord. Always plug directly into a 20 amp wall outlet. Do not use wall outlets that are on 15 amp breakers for this will cause the built in circuit breaker to trip. To reset the internal breaker on a Vapor Clean Steam Cleaner, remove the perimeter screw around the outside of the housing. Sometimes these screws are located under a rubber or vinyl bumper that you can lift off the center perimeter. Lift the top off and push the reset button once the unit has cooled off and reassemble.

    Second possible cause of vacuum motor not turning on (on machines that have a vacuum motor) : Basically, it seems like he is overfilling his reservoir and tripping the sensor cones that protect the machine’s internal components from water damage. I usually send customers this standard email if they’re having problems. I can tell you that, almost certainly, there is nothing wrong with the machine and I’m sure you were doing everything according to the manual. Unfortunately, the Italians who wrote the manual didn’t mention anything about the sensors underneath the machine that shut off the vacuum function when they get wet. The vacuum won’t come back on unless they are completely dry. There are two of them; they consist of a metal wire that is covered by a cone with slits on it to allow in the water. First thing to remember, only fill the waste water tank to the minimum line. Second, move the machine with care. It doesn’t need to be treated like a newborn, but just be conscious of splashing water. Third, if they get wet, you can dry them off very fast with compressed air or a hairdryer. Lastly, if it continues to be a problem, you can wrap duct tape around the slits leaving about an inch exposed at the top in case of a major overflow. When cleaning carpets for the first time that were previously cleaned with a detergent, suds can build up fast and that’s when you really need those sensors.
    If there is a real issue with your Vapor clean vacuum, we can of course repair it under warranty at no cost to you.
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