Question: The unit keeps exceeding the recommended power supply and tripping our newly installed dedicated circuits. My electrician needs to know how to proceed. We have two dedicated 20 amp plugs and it is still tripping.

Answer: You can contact Mytee at [email protected] but your issues are not something that they resolve.
The machine can and will draw more than 20 amps on each cord depending on the voltage and setting you place on the machine.
Each 100 psi of water pressure will require 1 amp of power. If you have it set at 500 - you are at 5 amps.
Each 1000 watt heater will draw 8.33 amps at 120 volts OR 8.7 amp at 115 volts OR 9.1 amps at 110 volts
Each 3 stage motor draws 1200 watts of power and at start up even more.
Remember from school Amps X Volts = Watts
Look at best case situation: 120 volts Vac 10 amps + pump + 5 amps + Heater 8.33 = 23 amps.
This means you have to either plug the machine into a 220 volt electric dryer converter that has 25 amp breakers installed or turn the pressure down or turn off one or more of the heaters.
Their is nothing wrong with your machine. It is performing exactly as it was designed.

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