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NorthStar Pressure Washer Heater is not heating

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  • NorthStar Pressure Washer Heater is not heating support told me that 99% of the time:
    1. Flow switch. Test by using alligator wire jumper clips from inside the control box to short across the wire terminals and see if this solves your problem. Flow switch is a cleanable item. See page 16 of heater owners manual.
    2. Dirty spray jets or jet strainers (even if the water appears to be spraying good, they still should be cleaned) or jets on lance/wand are too small.
    3. Thermostat is broken (usually customer lays something across the 5 ft lead and cracks the tubing and this does not allow the gas to flow from the expansion bulb to the knob correctly. Test by using alligator wire jumper clips from inside the control box to short across the wire terminals and see if this solves your problem.
    4. Dirty diesel fuel filter.
    5. Low diesel tank
    6. Yearly cleaning of spark electrodes and space adjustment. See page 15 of heater owners manual

    If you are using the heater often, please descale the inside of the heater with Descaler System Maintainer monthly! Failure to do so will cause mineral build up on the inside of the heating coils causing you to use more heating fuel and ultimately cause your burner to develop clogged heating coils (heater hart attack.) One you have a heater hart attack, you will have to replace the water coils.

    People that use the Dragon/ NorthStar heater with a portable carpet cleaning machine would use building water pressure to the Dragon/ NorthStar, heat the water, send the water to the wand, suck up the water with the portable. The wand will have larger jets than normal installed in it. Usually 11006. Please note that because the dragon heater will produce live steam results, you should leave the portable outside or in a bathroom with the exhaust fan on. You will have to aggressively run the A/C in the customer house during and after the process to remove the humidity. Carpets dry almost instantly!

    Please note the water temp is adjustable so there are time you would want to turn it down. When turned up all the way, you solution hose laying over your customers lawn will KILL THE GRASS. In about 24 hours after you clean your customer carpet, they will have a bright yellow dead spot across the lawn where you have your solution hose lay.

    The more aggressive you clean, the more often you will have to replace your solution hoses. I was a fairly aggressive cleaner and would replace my hoses every year. This heater can roast the crap out of them.

    Owners manual:


    NorthStar Heater:

    Dragon Multi Surface Machine:

    Question: I notice that my steel coils are rusting on the inside and out, is this normal?
    Answer: Yes, steel does rust. Please note even when these heaters are brand new you can see visable rust on the outside of the coil. The factory currently does not offer a stainless steel version.
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