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How are warranty issues handled?

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  • How are warranty issues handled?

    Warranties are different from different manufactures. Many times a customer purchases a product from SteamBrite but it is made from XYZ company. The warranty is an XYZ warranty not a SteamBrite warranty. Some factories cover shipping cost, but many do not. Every item has a different warranty. Sometimes people get used to shopping at Walmart and thank that it is OK to use and item, then when it breaks, drive it to the store and either ask for the money back or a replacement. Walmart does this because they negotiate with each vendor that if a customer wants to return an item, the factory will purchase it back from Walmart. This is not the case in restoration equipment and carpet cleaning equipment. None factories buy back equipment. I do not know of any carpet cleaning supply factories that have this policy. The warranty is for repair and only if it cannot be fixed, it is replaced. To get replacement parts for a particular factory means following those factory rules. SteamBrite does not just hand out replacement parts for free. We wish we could but the items are not marked up enough to do such a thing. This is one of the drawbacks to purchasing on line. If you have a local dealer, you will pay more and usually have to pay sales tax. If you purchase on line, you might have a labor warranty with a local dealer or you might have a parts only warranty. Many things are easy to fix so that is not much of an issue. Some factories will not pay any shipping on warranty issues. But as far as I know, none of the hundreds of factories purchase back used equipment. Restocking fees apply to all returns. All new equipment is sold with a manufactures warranty.