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Truckmount is not heating up, What is the problem?

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  • Truckmount is not heating up, What is the problem?

    I have just recenly purchased a Steambite Scoutt, 2nd hand - about 700 hours.

    On the first day all seemed to be going along smoothly for my son (operator) until the second day the water temperature
    did not seem to heat up. We spoke the distributor in Melbourne (8 hours drive away) who was unsure what might cause this.

    The hot water comes out from the outlet overflow at a warm to hot temperature most of the time. The water coming out of the
    wand however was mostly luke warm to cool. On a few occassions through the wand heated to othe right temperature however
    this only lasted momentarily.

    Can you please advise possible causes or solutions.

    Kind Regards

    Truckmount is not heating up, possible causes:
    De-scale the heat exchanger. If you use anything in the rinse water except a formulated rinse aid of flush aid your heater needs to descalled on a regular basis. This is true even if you just you water to rinse.
    Open the waste tank lid and check and see if the solenoid water temperature dumping valve is dumping hat water all the time into the waste tank. If so, this this too needs to be taken apart and cleaned and descaled. If the switchable temperature gauge needs are stuck together, this will also keep water dumping all the time into the waste tank. Change the temperature gauge.
    Bypass ball valve on wand is leaking water all the time into the vacuum hose. To check just hook up the carpet cleaning wand to the water pressure, turn the machine one and hold in the air. Do not hook up the vacuum hose to the wand. If water is coming out of the wand then the bypass ball valve needs to be replaced.
    Spray jets on the wand are too large. Just order a smaller size. Previous posting explain jet sizes.
    Heat exchanger is broken. If water comes out the heat exchanger exhaust all the time, them the stainless steel coil is broken. This is not allowing the water to stay in the heater to heat up.
    Engine needs to be a full RPM. in order to generate enough BTU's of heat to heat the water.

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