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Testing your wand for use

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  • Testing your wand for use

    Many times a wand does not need to be replaced, rather just a part needs to be cleaned or replaced. We need to know what part you need. This is a process of elimination. Make sure the machine water pump is primed and works on some of the tool or wand. You can also test a wand with standard building water pressure. You can either make a test hose or purchase one from us. Remove the spray jet and jet strainer (if provided) and then retest. If water comes out, it is the jet is dirty and if no water comes out, move to the next test. Remove the male brass quick disconnect (QD) and test on the end of the pressure hose. If water does not come out the QD then the QD is bad. If water does come out, reinstall the QD on to the inbound side of the valve and remove the hose from the outbound side of the valve and re-test. If water sprays out of the valve, the valve is good. Reinstall the pressure hose and retest. At this point you have tested each part of the wand and you should be able to see what needs to be cleaned or replaced.

    Test hose is the same hose that is used on the high flow extraction kit.
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    This hose consist of 1/2" ID rubber hose rated for hot water and at least 200 psi, female garden hose swivel on one side and a 1/4" Female QD on the other.