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Burgess: Electric Hot Thermal Professional Fogger 115 volts Model 982

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  • Burgess: Electric Hot Thermal Professional Fogger 115 volts Model 982

    QUESTION: Hello,
    We have used our burgess 982 fogger for the first time and everything went great. When we try to use it again a couple of days later and it would do everything but produce fog, or for that matter nothing would come out of the end with the barrel on or off. Then we tried some of what we seen on the you tube and nothing seemed clogged. and still everything but solution coming out. Do you do repairs? What do i need to provide you with to see if it is covered under a warranty still? Thank you for your help, Claudia

    ANSWER: Sorry to hear you hare having a problem with your fogger. We have been selling these for years and each and every issue is a non warranty issue. Not to say you might be the first one, but ...everybody seams to clog or melt the spray nozzle. You are more than welcome to either ship the unit back to us or the factory with a copy of the invoice with a note showing what you think is wrong with it. The warranty does not cover the shipping charges or the repair if it is just clogged. This would be user service issue. We placed the video on youtube because we felt bad about charging people for the lack of cleaning the jet and tried to show people that they can service the unit themselves. If you followed the cleaning instructions on the video you can also use an air compressor to blow air through the bottom after you removed the jet and the intake check valve. Always test the unit before you use the heat (with barrel removed) to ensure that fluid will travel through the fogger.

    QUESTION: I notice that you have several hot foggers that look the same and have different part number and prices. What is the differences?

    Answer: We sell for hundreds of factories. Sometimes one factory might be private labeling an item that might have a different color, part number, price,... This generates this type of question. I can assure you that they are all assembled in the same factory by the same employees and work and function the same. The prices are different because different factories want different levels of profit. The interesting about this issue, is, we still have customer that will demand the more expensive sticker be placed on the box and fogger and do not mind paying extra for it.