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What does Panel Mountable mean?

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  • What does Panel Mountable mean?

    I had a problem with this question on another unloader with Karcher your tech support. For some reason this term seams "panel mountable" is not a term many pressure washing company supply houses are familiar with. Let me try to explain. If you have a panel, say a 1/8" thick piece of steel and drilled a hole in it, could you mount the unloader valve on this panel. The adjustment knob and is visible and adjustable on the front of the panel and the remaining guts are located behind the panel. The unloader is secured through the hole on the panel/ sheet metal. The mounting and securing of the unloader does not prevent the adjusting of the knob in front. Panel mounted unloaders are used in the carpet cleaning machines or other pressure washing equipment where you have a housing that surrounds the machine and the unloader is partially sticking out the front for the operator to adjust.