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Sandia Plastic Sniper 80-3500H is losing pressure

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  • Sandia Plastic Sniper 80-3500H is losing pressure

    I wanted to let you know that I have a customer call and tell me that his water pressure was dropping from 500 psi to 150 psi. when he squeezes the trigger on his wand when using his heated Sandia 80-3500H
    Possible causes and solutions:
    1. Jet size on wand is too large. Consider purchasing 11001 jets for dual jetted wands. On single jet wands, this would be a 11002 jet size.
    2. Clean both water filters (one in the bottom of the fresh water tank and one in the motor box)
    3. Quite using soap or water in the machine. Rather only uses formulated rinse aids like Flush or Royal Flush. If you just use water or prespray inside the machine you will have to descale the machine every 60 jobs you do. If you don't use a formulated rinse aid or descale your machine, it will have a hart attach and no longer allow water to flow through the heater.
    4. Vacuum Prime the water pump. This is the thing that caught me off guard. No priming valve in the back of the machine! It was removed. I recommended that the customer purchase an extra male QD and snap in the end of his solution hose and use the vacuum and his hand to create a suction inside the open flow hose to suck the air bubbles out of the machine.
    Sandia 80-3500H
    Flush Rinse Aids
    Prime your pump