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Freeze Protecting your carpet and tile cleaning machine

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  • Freeze Protecting your carpet and tile cleaning machine

    QUESION: I bought a Mytee Speedster recently , is there a recommended long term system additive that you put into the pump/ heater for storage?

    Answer: Protecting equipment from freezing is up to a three fold process.
    Step one, is to make the water that is left in the machine have a higher freeze rating. This is done by taking car radiator anti freeze and process it through the machine. You can even circulate the antifreeze in a loop in the machine to ensure it is well mixed with the water that was already in the machine.
    Step two, take all the water out of the machine. This evolves using an air compressor. Snap a open flow QD into the end of the solution hose and plow air through the plumbing pushing as much water as possible out of the machine. Sometimes on portables you have to remove the acorn strainer in the bottom of the tank and use a rubber tipped blow gun into the bottom mounted brass part. Naturally, not all the water is going to come out but what little is left is mixed with antifreeze.
    Third step is to us a electric space heater near the machine. We do not recommend that you turn the heater all the way up, rather use on low. We do not want the electric breaker to trip off during the night. The idea is to leave air temperature above 32 degree. It does not need to be warm and toasty in the service van, just not freezing.
    Naturally any of the above steps when used by themselves will also work but depending where you live and how cold your city gets, you should consider using one, two or all three steps.