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El Lobo Truckmount having problems

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  • El Lobo Truckmount having problems

    QUESTION: i have recently purchased a steambrite el lobo 25hp kohler engine this set up was first started on the 5th dec 2011 and was very slow to heat up. also the bipass valve at the waste tank dumping water all the time and the water pressure gauge is not working along with the chemical pick up . i have had 2 hydro masters before and 14yrs exsperience with truckmounts. i really like this machine so i hope you can help me with a manual or info on this problem as i need to get this machine working thanks ken

    ANSWER: We do not have an owners manual for this machine. We need to address your mechanical issues one at a time.
    #1 bypass valve at the waste tank dumping water all the time.
    Answer this statement does not have enough detail in it. Possible causes. The water temperature gauge needles are stuck together causing the demo solenoid valve to stay actuated. - Solution change the temperature gauge.
    OR the Dema solenoid valve is dirty and not shutting off. Solution clean it or replace it.
    OR some of the machines have dripper ball valve located next to the unloader or pressure regulator valve. Run test to determine if the water is coming from this valve. Replace or adjust flow rate as needed.
    #2 Chemical pick up is not working. This truckmount has a watt regulator water flow restrictor located behind the garden hose hook up. The in coming water pressure needs to be under 20 psi or 1.4 Bar in order for the chemical injector to work. You need to either adjust watts regulator or replace it.
    You can also need to replace the check valves in the water pump