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Heater repair on my carpet cleaning machine

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  • Heater repair on my carpet cleaning machine

    Question: I have a carpet cleaning machine, a Mytee HP60 that has two heaters with three frozen thermal switches, the only one that is currently passing electricity is the black, E 573, one. I read that you recommend that all bad switches be converted from manual to the automatic type, the E 573. The manual one is for 310 F, and only trips if the other 200 F automatic one fails to trip, I assume. In your recommended configuration two automatics would only serve to back each other up at 200 F. If that is the case, could I get away with just having one switch on each heater, an automatic one, it would not be as safe, but it seems to me that these switches usually fail by not resetting as opposed to not tripping at all. I need to save some cash somewhere, this is an older machine and I don't want to sink alot of money in it. If you can't give me a great deal on four auto switches, wouldn't I be better off just buying one or two. Your thoughts with my options. Thanks

    P.S. Can I soak these switches in something to remove the calcification that might be preventing them from resetting?

    Answer: Yes first of all we recommend that any time you are changing out your mini disk thermostates you change to all automatic switchs. Both do back each other up at 200 degree. In the event one fails or burn out, you machine will continue to function the same as it always did (as long as it burn out in the on position.). This is when the 300 degree thermostat would finally come into play. If the primary switch is burned out on the on possistion the second 300 degree switch will take the water to 300 degree and then trip one time and then the heater will not work. The automatic thermos switch for carpet cleaning equipment are located at
    Heater Thermostat Miniature Auto Reset 86317510 Mytee E573 Sandia 10-0814, E573, Miscellaneous Repair Parts, Parts & Accessories, by Clean Storm, Mini disk thermostat.  This unit does NOT have the reset button in the middle.  This is a no...

    No, once they burn out they are done.

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