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  • Truckmount extractor blower oil

    Question: Hi Don
    I just need a bit of information, I have a Hornet with a Roots 45 blower, can you tell me what grade oil it takes and how much it holds, when you put oil in the top filler there is a plug about 2" lower on the left hand side, do you fill it till it runs out of that ? or there is also a plug 9" down on the right ride, very close to the bottom of the blower do you fill till it runs out of this hole ?, also how often do you change the blower oil ?..
    Thanks for your help

    Answer: Carpet Cleaning Truckmount extractor positive vacuum blowers have three points of lubrication. The section of lubrication for this discussion is the crankcase portion. You will notice that all brands of blowers have at least 4 ports on them. This way no matter what position the blower is in use, their is always a top port, a bottom drain port, up side port and lower side port. As you already noticed their is no dip stick to check the level of oil. To change the oil, remove the top port, bottom drain port, and then the lower side port. Fill with synthetic gear or differential oil. Use the thickest you can purchase. This is going to be 90 weight all the way to 175 weight. Being full synthetic is more important than the weight. For example if you can find full synthetic at 90 weight or regular oil at 175, I would use the full synthetic 90. Gear oil is usually sold at auto parts stores in quarts and you only need to purchase one. You only have to change this oil every 12 to 18 months. You want to add the oil until it comes out the lower side port hole. You will notice that the lower side port hole is only about 1 to 2 inches up from the bottom so you do not have to use very much oil. Once the bower is turned on, the gear sling all this oil up and around inside the crankcase.