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Hornet Stack 3047 Eruption stack truckmount repair.

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  • Hornet Stack 3047 Eruption stack truckmount repair.

    Hornet Stack 3047 Eruption stack truckmount repair.|
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    To install the replacement rubber element located between the engine:
    You need to remove the hoses and muffler on the right and left side of the truckmount to access the 6 inch holes on the lower frame of the machine. The goal is to move the engine forward. Label any and all hoses you have to disconnect. The easiest way to do this is with an air ratchet. Please note the exhaust unions will have to accessed by un-wrapping the insulation off the exhaust. When you move the engine forward you will be taking the water pump and pump bracket with you. Please note that all the hoses have swivels installed on them for easy removal. You will have to move the engine forward about 6 inches to replace the rubber element. Once replaced, please put everything back together and double check that the top, bottom, along with left and right side of element flanges are aligned.